VENUE: America Square Conference Centre, London - 11th November 2020

The revised Early Years Foundation Stage and Development Matters guidance aim to ‘reset’ priorities within early years practice to improve the quality of care and education for all children, but particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Together, the new documents seek to address the current focus on tracking and evidencing ‘next steps’ for every child and instead prioritise:

  • a broad and rich curriculum
  • progression in children’s learning
  • the learning needs of children most in need of support
  • conversation with children and language development
  • self-regulation and executive function, and
  • working with parents and carers.

This conference will:

  • analyse current problems within early years practice
  • outline the rationale for changes within the EYFS and Development Matters
  • give guidance on curriculum planning and assessment, and
  • provide an insight into self-regulation and its importance in early learning and development.

This conference is designed for: 

  • Nursery owners and proprietors
  • Nursery owners and proprietors
  • Nursery and children's centre managers
  • Nursery practitioners
  • Headteachers and EYFS co-ordinators
  • Local authority early years managers
  • Early years advisers
  • Childminders
  • Healthcare professionals